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Feb 25

Scrivener is on Sale

If you’re an aspiring writer like me, you’ve probably heard of Scrivener. If not, it’s the software tool used by lots of successful indie authors to both write their books, and to format them for e-publishing. If you listen to the Self Publishing Podcast, The Creative Penn Podcast, or the Rocking Self Publishing Podcast, all …

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Jun 02

How to get Siri to read you a story

Or: How to turn your ebooks into (mediocre) audiobooks A few weeks ago, I was listening to the Rocking Self Publishing Podcast Episode #15 interview with self-published author Kevin Leigh. Leigh talked about trying to find time to write while constrained with both a day job and a long commute, which certainly hit home for me. One trick …

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Nov 07

The fiction writing experiment

Way back before I ever heard of the Smart Passive Income blog, or The 4-Hour Work Week, or Rich Dad Poor Dad, (maybe 1998-ish) a few of us engineers would sit around at lunch and talk about some of the same topics we would later hear about there: how to get ahead, how to stop working for the man, …

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