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Dec 30

Accidental Landlord update: when things go wrong

One of the biggest fears we had going into the landlord game was: what happens when big things go wrong with the house? Of course, we also had the fear that the house wouldn’t rent, but that is pretty well understood. You know how much money you’d be on the hook for each month, so at …

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Nov 07

The fiction writing experiment

Way back before I ever heard of the Smart Passive Income blog, or The 4-Hour Work Week, or Rich Dad Poor Dad, (maybe 1998-ish) a few of us engineers would sit around at lunch and talk about some of the same topics we would later hear about there: how to get ahead, how to stop working for the man, …

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Oct 22

Becoming an Accidental Landlord, Part 2

A while back, in my first Becoming an Accidental Landlord post, I laid out the very basics of how the math of owning a rental house has worked for me. Since my wife and I are starting to think about buying a second house to rent out, it seemed like a good time to follow up with a more detailed …

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Jul 25

Article Writing with InfoBarrel

If you listen to Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income Podcast, in Episode #15 you’ll hear his advice on how to get started in online business. Surprisingly, what he recommends that you try first is not to start a blog or a podcast, but to start writing articles for a content site. So I did exactly that, …

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Jul 10

3D Printing for Fun (but not Profit)

I’ve used 3D printing services in my day-job occasionally for almost 20 years.  Back then, we called it SLA (stereo-lithography) or SLS (selective laser sintering), and we used it as a relatively cheap way to test the form and fit of plastic parts before we committed to an injection-molding tool. The SLA parts might cost …

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