Dec 14

Going to Zoo Atlanta, for Free!

GorillaOn Sunday we had a family outing to the Zoo in Atlanta. This was our kids’ first visit, and they and their grandparents had a great time. The weather was great, and we were very lucky that lots of the animals were active and visible in their exhibits. The gorillas were moving and clowning around, and the elephants and giraffes decided to stroll over toward us. The recently arrived and allegedly very shy clouded leopard decided to see if he could tightrope-walk around the near-edge of his enclosure, right past us as we were watching. It was a great day.

But the more remarkable aspect, from the benconceivable financial perspective, is that we went for free. Luckily my wife remembered the Zoo Atlanta Library Pass program. So Saturday afternoon we stopped by our local library, I watched a 25 minute-long video about the history of the zoo (which was actually pretty interesting), while the kids looked at books. And in exchange, we got 4 free passes to the Zoo. I think that ended up saving us $82!

So if you’re anywhere near a Georgia library, the Zoo Atlanta Library Pass program is totally worth your time. And you can do it once a year. Enjoy!

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