July 2014 archive

Jul 25

Article Writing with InfoBarrel

If you listen to Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income Podcast, in Episode #15 you’ll hear his advice on how to get started in online business. Surprisingly, what he recommends that you try first is not to start a blog or a podcast, but to start writing articles for a content site. So I did exactly that, …

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Jul 15

Berlin again

Another picture from my trip to Berlin. When we saw these parked on the street, my inner car-guy took notice. A discussion ensued about which was worth more. I believe we are looking at a Mercedes SLS AMG here, that sold for about $202,000 new. I have no idea what prices are like for older …

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Jul 10

3D Printing for Fun (but not Profit)

I’ve used 3D printing services in my day-job occasionally for almost 20 years.  Back then, we called it SLA (stereo-lithography) or SLS (selective laser sintering), and we used it as a relatively cheap way to test the form and fit of plastic parts before we committed to an injection-molding tool. The SLA parts might cost …

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