June 2014 archive

Jun 26


  I took this picture on a business trip to Berlin. I knew embarrassingly little about Berlin before going, and I was expecting some sort of grim, gray, ex-Soviet place. Instead I found an exciting, colorful city that was as vibrant as any I’ve been to. I also found that I had learned astonishingly little …

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Jun 18

Speeding Ticket Math

A few weeks ago I got a BIG speeding ticket. Let me start by admitting that I like to drive fast, and I frequently drive over the speed limit. I don’t drive dangerously or recklessly, but I drive quickly. I have a long commute (don’t tell Mr. Money Mustache), and the fact that it’s been …

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Jun 10

Alien writing

We were playing around in the creek behind our house a few days ago. Looking up at the concrete supports for a bridge, we found the curious markings you see here. They are about an inch across, and take the form of white ovals with feathery lines extending out from them. They look for all …

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